May 5th session

Since there were a few absent people in our seminar today, I’ll try to write down a brief feedback of what we have discussed, related to our action in Berlin.

  • we can, each of us, have individual ideas, but we will accomplish them as a group. We will discuss and help each one’s development during the next seminars. The ideas should be on different directions (we mentioned space and interaction, as examples), as each one’s will.
  • we thought on a very general, yet interesting, subject: nature, in a meaning of growing, of natural changing, of not planning.
  • we need to re-schedule our trip to Wolfsburg and Berlin. Adrián prepared a poll and sent the link by email to all of us; it’s a very practical way to find a good date for everybody.
  • we thought on working in an area located in front of Frans Vogelaar’s studio. He said he would upload some images here soon.
  • some bad news: the seminar will have less money than we thought. So we need to think on economical ways. Should we go by train? Or with the school bus? (Who is a regular student can count with the money of the school for the projects, right?)

Furthermore, it would be nice to hear what you guys think about these suggestions. We could also think on ideas for next week.

And if you still didn’t fill the poll:


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