April 28 session

In the last session we had a discussion about the nature of public space and private space and the different changes it has endured mainly during the last few decades. We embraced the discussion from different perspectives and following what could be called “personal city experiencies”. We suggested some related bibliography which has already been uploaded into the Bibliography section.

We decided to focus on the seminar as a research platform for possible public interventions that might be realized either/both in Berlin (during our 3 day visit-workshop (18 of june?)) or/and Köln.

The 18 of June we’ll travel to Wolfsburg to visit the Rudolf Steiner exhibition in the Wolfsburg Museum and than continue our way to Berlin.


Kowloon walled city: Inhabiting a block the size of the Tokyo Dome, Kowloon Walled City resembed a living, breathing creature, born from its inhabitants over its long lifespan. But the walled city was more than a physical conglomeration of buildings and people, it was an inadvertent symbol of the long struggle between China and Hong Kong, ruled by neither. It was an “in-between zone” whose remarkable existence today can best be comprehended through images, statistics and interviews. http://www.archidose.org/KWC/Main.html


Thailand Barricades

A  policeman stops in front of the road block set by Thailand's  anti-government red-shirts in Bangkok, capital of Thailand, May 1. 2010.  Red-shirts continued their rally in central Bangkok on Saturday.  (Xinhua/Lui Siu Wai)

Red Shirt protesters build a barricade using bamboo poles and  tyres at an intersection in Bangkok.
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